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Hi, I’m Jada Morris. I am a senior at Millersville University, a public college in Lancaster, PA, where I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in interactive and graphic design and a marketing minor. Throughout my time at Millersville, I have worked in various design fields, such as Visual Communications, HTML/CSS, UI/UX design, social media design, and branding. 
I continued to work with social media design as a social media assistant, where I posted advertisements and created website banners and flyers for a small business in Gap, PA. Out of all these design fields, I feel the most experienced when I work with branding due to practicing in school and freelance projects. I work with a client to see what they want for their company and transform that into reality using mood boards, color palettes, logo variations, and mockups. 
With my background in branding and creating social media advertisements, I can use my skills in the Adobe Creative Suite and Marketing to build and advertise a brand from the ground up.
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