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Project Brief: Shampooch is an all-natural dog grooming brand, that produces pet wash free from harmful ingredients. Their focus is providing dogs with sensitive skin, a wash that gives them a calming and comfortable feeling, without using harmful chemicals. They were looking for a logo design, a package design, and an interactive video or animated logo.

Repeating Logo Animation

My main goal for this brand was to communicate the playfulness commonly associated with dogs while portraying the cleansing feature needed to show the brand's purpose. 
I gathered inspiration by creating a mood board from Pinterest showing color options, images of dogs, and typography examples. 
I then started mind mapping, sketching mascots, and testing several illustrations with typography. I do not frequently practice hand-drawing techniques, but with this brand, I wanted to portray the energetic energy of a dog in a mascot illustration.
Hand-Drawn to Digital Logo
I created vector illustrations for each of my sketches and created a sudsy soap appearance to sit on top of the mascot's head to tie in the washing feature of the brand. Once I picked the mascot and typography that worked the best, I created another logo variation and mockups. 
Final Mascot Choice
I chose this dog for the mascot because I felt that it showed the happiest personality and a variety of movement opportunities. I could use the large snout and eyes to create a sniffing and winking movement. 
Finalizing Logo
I was going between different shades of purple and blue for the final logo. Blue showed the cleaning aspect the most, and purple showed the calming and comforting aspect associated with the grooming brand.
I ended up moving forward with the purple since Shampooch's main goal was to provide dogs with a calming grooming experience due to their lack of harmful chemicals.
Final Logo Design
The Logo Indent Process
For the animated logo, I needed to create graphics that connected to the grooming brand. I created a shampoo bottle so I could show this shampoo being used to clean the dog mascot. 
Logo Indent First Draft
- Needed more context on how the dog gets dirty
- Wipe motion overused
- Add bubbles popping when the mascot winks in visual rest
Final Logo Indent
The Packaging Process
I used the same color palette for the pet wash package and added a similar soap texture as I used for the animated logo. This package needed to include the logo, goal of Shampooch, ingredients, warning label, and direction, and continue to show the grooming elements such as the soap along the bottom of the package.
Final Packaging
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