Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Project Brief: Butlers Plumbing LLC is a freelance plumbing service serving the Chester County area. This was a freelance opportunity brought on by my cousin, Joe Butler, owner of Butlers Plumbing LLC. He had no problem getting clients through Facebook but lacked a consistent brand identity, and wished to give his clients a business card so they could recommend him to others and get in touch quickly.
The Goal: He wanted a logo design to make his brand recognizable and able to spread the word about his services through a set of business cards. I wanted to portray the key features associated with plumbing; water, and pipes, as well as make it simple enough for a small freelancer, so it would be easily recognizable.
 I started with a mood board on Pinterest, gathering images of plumbers, pipes, water, tools, and colors.
From there, I started sketching logos and business card layouts. I chose a color palette that carried recognizable colors associated with plumbing, blue for water, and white and gray for pipes.
Final Logo
Business Cards Ideation
From there, I created a set of business cards, portraying a repeating pattern of a 90-degree pipe, and printed these at my local Staples. I took this same pattern and added personality to his Facebook profile since this is where he connects with the most clients.
Final Business Cards
Final Animated Gif
I also created an animated gif of this logo, so I could add some movement to the water droplet, showing a plumbing issue - a leaking pipe. I created a storyboard highlighting each frame that had movement including the water droplet falling from the open pipe onto a puddle of water.
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