Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Project Brief: Create a repeating conversational pattern with two different color variations.
My goal for this project was to design pattern graphics based on my interests. I brainstormed several ideas but chose baking since I am very passionate about being in the kitchen when I am not designing.
I started by creating a mood board from Pinterest showing examples of patterns and graphic layouts to create a pattern repeat and a conversation. I started sketching conversational graphics for several topics, although the baking graphics held the most personal connection to me and gave the playful appearance I was looking for.
Once I had all of these created, I created color variations, one focusing on the natural baked good colors (brown, pink, and white) and the other being a bit more abstract (green and purple).
I then created the pattern using the pattern tool in Adobe Illustrator, but once I received feedback to make my pattern repeat less linear, I altered the layout of elements to create a fluid repeat. This change made it harder to find the repeat but allowed the viewer to enjoy the varied locations, scales, and angles of the graphics.
Final Pattern
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