Adobe InDesign
Project Brief: Create a cover and 5-7 interactive pages for a topic of my choice.

Click through the interactive publication to view links, videos, and movements.

My goal for this project was to create an interactive sleek and modern design using videos, links, slides, etc.
I started by creating a mood board from Pinterest that showed examples of room styles and image styles I wished to use in my publication. I then began sketching layouts for both the pages and the cover. I included several images on each page and noted some specific areas where I wanted to place interactive elements.​​​​​​​
Final Layout
After sketching several layouts, I chose to finalize my sketches and create low-fidelity compositions. I wanted to include color palettes, descriptive images, and images that broke up large bodies of text. 
Going from the sketches to the final digital publication, I chose a minimalistic approach and focused on images and text, without including graphics. I wanted this publication to show the styles presented in the table of contents, so a simple and sleek appearance was necessary. 
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