Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Project Brief: Create a 3-poster series portraying the trends common in the Postmodern design era, based on the topic of Remote Working
My goal for this project was to show the positives and negatives of remote working. In the first poster, I wanted to show the positive aspect of remote working – flexibility, while the second and third posters would show the negative aspects – loneliness and distractions. ​​​​​​​
I started by creating a mood board from Pinterest showing examples of post-modernism. 
I then started brainstorming ideas for each poster, flexibility, loneliness, and distractions, including words and phrases I associate with the topic. I then created low-fidelity compositions with several different layouts. I picked out what was working on each composition and created a composition layout I would use for the final poster designs.
When going into this project, I researched several Post-Modern designs, mainly focusing on April Greiman's work since I felt she portrayed all the post-modern styles and created abstract, powerful artwork. To portray these trends, I needed to show overlapping elements, visual hierarchy, bold colors, varied scales, abstract images, patterns, and drawings/scribbles. 
In-Progress Updates
Once I created all of these posters, I felt that they needed more abstract elements, common with posts such as random scribbles and textures. I adjusted all of these posters to fit the postmodern era.
Final Posters
Poster 1 shows phrases depicting flexibility, an abstract photoshopped image of a woman doing yoga but morphing into a giraffe, tying in the flexibility of remote working. There are several patterns, overlapping shapes, drawings, visual hierarchy, and varied scales.
Poster 2 portrays a distressed figure in front of their computer, surrounded by darkness, showing the depression and loneliness associated with remote working. The ripped paper texture for the title of the poster adds distress, and the storm images and busy images show chaos, depicting what could be going on inside the remote workers' heads. ​​​​​​​
Poster 3 portrays negativity but in a different sense than poster 2, instead it shows a cluttered, chaotic, and busy explanation of remote working. This poster depicts what goes on while remote workers are attempting to get work down, with text showing the distractions many workers face during the day, as well as multiple overlapping patterns, shapes, bold colors, and drawings.
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