Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
Project Brief: Create a cover and two spreads for a print magazine publication using the Outdoor and Sports category from the SPD 2024 Publication tasks. 
My goal for this project was to create a publication about Supras. I wanted to portray a variety of images of Supras, focusing on the history, performance, and specs of the Supra. 
I started by creating a mood board from Pinterest showing different magazine spreads, magazine covers, images of cars, and layouts. 
I then began sketching various spread and cover layouts, I wanted to include several text wraps and a variety of supra images.
Layout and Image Assets 
I chose a black-and-white color palette so I could portray the high quality associated with sports cars with the pops of color that would be shown through the car images. 
I chose images that had been taken by myself or by friends from their cars so I could have a wide variety of models and colors, as well as charts and historical graphs.
Final Cover and Spreads
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