Adobe Illustrator, Pacdora, Adobe After Effects
Project Brief: Zesty is a subscription spice company, that delivers exotic spices and seasonings from around the globe to customers each month. These customers vary from home cooks to professional chefs. Zesty’s monthly spice subscription comes with a reorder card, a mission statement card, and an assortment of spices. They wanted a logo design, a subscription box package design, and an interactive video showing how a customer would receive a Zesty delivery.​​​​​​​
Zesty's mission was to empower home cooks, aspiring chefs, and flavor explorers to expand their culinary horizons, experiment with new recipes, and create memorable dining experiences.
My goal for this brand was to portray a bold and vibrant typography, with emphasis on the Z in Zesty, making it a submark for the brand, as well as a fun interactive video to show how each customer receives a Zesty subscription box.
Logo Ideation/Brainstorming
I started by creating a mood board on Pinterest, gathering images of subscription boxes, spices, colors, and typography. 
A few of the loose typography styles stood out to me because it showed the vibrant energy I felt fit the Zesty brand. I created two different logo compositions and ended up choosing the logo that had varied scales and more hierarchy. I also wanted the Z to be emphasized, which was only evident in one logo. 
Logo Color Palate
Once I created a vector logo, I tested out a few color palettes. I chose a color scheme based on common spices, mainly looking at vibrant spices such as herbs and turmeric. 
Final Logo
Packaging Ideation
Once I had a logo chosen, I began sketching packaging, with variations involving illustrated spice patterns, spice shakers, or a pattern created with the submark. 
In-Progress Packaging Updates
After creating sketches and having a solid idea of what information would be placed on the packaging, I went to Pacdora to find box packages, so I could size the design accordingly. After my first draft of Zsety's packaging, there needed to be a few adjustments including: 
- The simple mission statement wasn’t enough to fill such a large box, so I included illustrations of the continents to reflect the global, exotic spices Zesty sends to its customers. 
- The colors were very bright and needed to be a bit more muted, so it didn't strain the customer's eyes and was more realistic for a package print
Final Packaging
Thank You Card Ideation
For the cards, I wanted to include a QR code, based on the technological advancements we have today, a reorder card where customers would have to mail their information back would be unnecessary and a QR would create a quick and easy reorder experience.
Final Cards
Packaging Video
For the interactive element of this project, I wanted to portray the QR code being scanned, thanking the customer, then transitioning into the subscription box, the brand card being emphasized, and finally closing. ​​​​​​​
I used Adobe After Effects for this video and chose audio that reflected the vibrant brand. I also included a spice-shaking sound effect in the beginning to mimic the movement of the reorder card, and a sizzling sound during the ending visual rest to portray how these spices can enhance our cooking experience.
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